St. Patrick's Online Bulletin

Rising Above Our Fears

04-21-2019Rev. Msgr. Ellsworth R. Walden

Happy Easter! As much as spring is upon us and nature is once again blooming, today’s celebration begins our fifty-day celebration of the ultimate source and meaning of our lives. Once again we focus on the fact that not only is there life after death, but on the power of our life with God in Jesus every single day of our lives. We began our forty-day preparation to celebrate Easter on Ash Wednesday, looking to pray more, to fast to strengthen our desire and ability to rise above our own needs and concerns, and to open our hearts to give generously of our time, talent, and resources. Yes, Lent is over and hopefully we can look back and see where we have nourished ourselves spiritually, morally, and mentally. Now is our time to see where we are inspired to rise not only above all that is not good, sinful, evil, and life draining to ourselves and others, but most importantly, to see where we can and want to rise to do all that is good and life giving for ourselves and others.


Announcements & Events

St. Patrick Youth

Various Youth Activities at our Parish and around the Diocese.


RCIA: Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

RCIA has started, but it is not too late to join us!


Pro-Life Rose

Your participation helps bring a greater awareness of the sacredness of all human life, especially the unborn.


Bread & Wine Memorial

Donation for the week is $50. Cards will be sent to the family.

To arrange a memorial for Altar Bread and Wine, please call Diane Sperzel at 265-3307.

Sacred Heart Prayer Group

Tuesday evenings from 7:30-9:00pm in the Parish Center.


St. Anne Women's Prayer Group

Tuesdays from 1:00-2:00pm in the St. Patrick’s Parish Center.


Something for Seniors Group

Second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 1:00pm in the Parish Center.


Philemon Fellowship

Apr 25 7:00pm - 9:00pm

at Lutheran Church of Our Savior on Jayne Ave. in Patchogue

Contact Parish Outreach at 631-265-2668 or; attend one of the meetings or contact Tom at