Campus Map

The initial phase of developing our parish campus was completed in 1966 and focused on our school building which housed not only the school, but also our church. Along with the school, a convent was built for the Sisters of St. Joseph who did so much to build a school that not only provides excellence in learning, but also a loving environment for spiritual growth. The rectory, also built at that time provides for the residential needs of our clergy, but also for the administrative operation of the parish.

Many other ministries have been housed in the rectory over time. Currently, Parish Outreach is located on the lower floor of the rectory. 2003 saw the completion of our new stand-alone church completing the original vision for our parish. As the needs of our parish grow, we are blessed with a well situated campus that has room for all our current and future needs.

Our official mailing address is 280 East Main Street. But, due to our history and local custom, the road on which our parish is located is known by many different names. To clear up any confusion here is a list of all the major known names of our little stretch of blacktop.

  • East Main Street
  • Middle Country Road
  • State Route 25
  • Jericho Turnpike

Campus Map Key

  1. St. Patrick Church
  2. St. Patrick Rectory
  3. St. Patrick Outreach Center Entrance
  4. St. Patrick Religious Formation Center
  5. St. Patrick School and New Life Center (West Entrance)
  6. Canning Hall in St. Patrick School
  7. St. Patrick Youth Community (Large Central North Entrance)
  8. St. Patrick School Gym (Use East Entrance)
  9. Emmaus Room in St. Patrick School and New Life Center
  10. Youth Enrichment Center
  11. Convent & Convent Chapel (Entrance on East Side)
  12. St. Patrick School Playground