St. Patrick’s Men’s Softball League

In 1982, Dr. Joe Smith, with the help and encouragement of the pastor at the time, Fr. John Mott, started the St. Patrick Parish Men’s Softball League. The league was formed to encourage community and friendship and is open to parishioners and non-parishioners. The games are structured to be serious, fun and safe.

The St. Patrick Parish Men’s Softball League is comprised of two divisions:

  • Division A is for players 39 of age and under.
  • Division B is for players 40 and over.

The season begins at the end of April. Most of the games are played on the sports fields behind St. Patrick School, with the exception of Sunday games which take place at Brady Field on Maple Avenue. Weekday games generally start at 6:30 PM or 6:45 PM. Sunday games begin at 5 PM and are 7 inning doubleheaders.

Picnic and Playoffs

At the end of the playing season, typically in late July or early August, the League will hold a picnic on the sport fields. The grills are fired up, cold beverages abound and all teams in the league are entered to play in the play-off series. Finally, the division winners face off for the season capper.

Safety Notes

The competition should never get to a point where anyone gets injured. There is a safety base at first base (one base for the runner and one base for the fielder,) and there is a safe line at home plate to avoid collisions. No player touches the plate, they just have to pass the line before the throw arrives to the catcher. Sliding is kept to a minimum. These rules are in place to keep everyone injury free and to avoid contact between the players. Catchers are required to wear a mask.

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